A project by myself and Steven Parker
Medivue is a concept augmented reality product. It was created for an independent study by myself and my classmate Steven Parker. The intent is to show how augmented reality will help define the future of interfaces, and explore a profession that could benefit greatly from the unique nature of AR. Watch how we envision this technology reshaping the way our first responders work, getting the technology out of the way so that they can focus on what they do best: saving lives.
I am intensely interested in the future of interface, and the technologies that will be used at that time. In my opinion, virtual and augmented realities will become the dominant mediums.

I worked with two talented people to get this video made. Steven Parker and I came up with the concept, and divided all of the designs and animations between the two of us. Joseph Kitchens did all of the videography.

See their other work here:
Joseph's instagram: @kickininthekitchen